Presenting at the Ottawa IT Community on Thu, Nov 7 at 5:45pm

Come out to hear me present at the Ottawa IT Community on Thursday, November 7th at 5:45pm on the topic of “Cloud-based development for .NET / SharePoint using CloudShare and Team Foundation Service.”

Cloud-based developer environments are a hot topic these days. Why bother hosting, managing and licensing dev project VMs and software yourself when they are often only required for a few months. Explore the possibilities with CloudShare for your .NET / SharePoint development environment and Team Foundation Service for your TFS infrastructure.

CloudShare is offering a door prize for this event: a free one (1) year subscription for an 8GB environment. Be sure to attend for your chance to win.

The presentation will take place at the Microsoft Canada office in Ottawa at 100 Queen Street, Suite 500.

WordPress ‘After the Deadline’ Proofreading technology needs an update – can’t add words to user dictionary

I’m relatively new to WordPress, used it for a few projects but don’t generally author content in its online editor. I’ve been wondering for a while how to set the dictionary language to Canadian English and how to add words to a user dictionary, both things that are standard since forever with any decent editor. I finally got around to checking the WordPress online help for proofreading and it turns out you can’t do either:

Can I add words to the dictionary?
No, but you can add phrases to an ignore list so they don’t show up as errors.

Do you differentiate between American, British, and Canadian English?
Not yet. For now, American, British, and Canadian variations of words are in our dictionary.

WordPress has so many great features it is really hard to understand why they haven’t bothered to add these two features. Here is a shout out to the community, is there a solution?